About flatcheat

flatcheat is a Counter-Strike 1.6 ring3 closed source Steam-only cheat written in FASM (flat assembler).

flatcheat is being developed using macro instructions in a way so that everyone could assemble his very own version of it. One of the most obvious advantages is a completely personalized user experience, since you could easily omit the features you do not need. We are being asked to create a simple hack with a few features for private use all the time. So be it!

flatcheat is intended for Kreedz and similar modes in the first place. Those modifications of the original game play, where the highest level of performance is everything. Thereby, we expect your FPS to not be lower, if not higher.

Some of the features:

  1. Strafe Hack
  2. Ground Strafe
  3. FastRun
  4. JumpBug Hack
  5. Bunny Hop
  6. Strafe helper
  7. Knife Bot
  8. Sound ESP
  9. Kreedz Info
  10. Removals
  11. More...

Please note: some features might be missing from the list, to see the features in detail proceed to the documentation page.